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Psychological Assessments

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Psychological Assessment

Career Express Pty Ltd is dedicated to assisting individuals and companies with staff selection, career development and management skills.

With a team of qualified consultants in the areas of Human Resources and Occupational Psychology, we provide detailed psychological profiles of individuals covering technical skills, cognitive abilities and personality.

Providing an extensive library of psychological assessments from Acer, GeneSys and SHL, we also have consultants who are certified administrators of the MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence tool.

Types of Psychological Assessments

Achievement, Aptitude and Technical Skills

Measuring a person's maximum performance potential, these are assessments of thinking ability. Measuring for example, an individual's ability to learn the skills needed for a new job or the mental processes underlying an aptitude, such as verbal, mechanical and numerical abilities, these assessments provide information about what an individual is able to do when working at their hardest.


What is personality?

The relatively stable and enduring characteristics of a person that distinguish them from others, making them unique but at the same time, allow for a comparison between two individuals to be made. It is an individual's preferences and behavioural style which is neither right or wrong, but inappropriate or appropriate depending on a particular work or social context.

What personality is not

Personality is not the same thing as ability (often related to intelligence), or an individual's attitudes, values and beliefs.

Interest and Values

Designed to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated insight into career guidance and development, these psychological assessments measure personal and vocational needs, as well as profiling the motivating forces that are likely to determine the amount of energy or effort an individual is likely to expend in particular activities.

Justifications for Using Psychological Assessments

A test score on its own is usually difficult to interpret. For example, if someone received a score of 20 out of a possible 40 on a measure of confidence, they would have very little, if any idea how confident they are in comparison to the rest of the general population. More relevant to their interpretation of this score is the percentage of people with lower confidence scores than theirs. Termed a percentile, this percentage is the format used for psychological assessment results, rather than a pass/fail score.


  • Reduce the effects of personal bias
  • Can be culture and gender fair
  • Identifies information often overlooked or not included in resumes, reference checks and interviews.
  • Harder for an individual to lie on psychological assessments than in an interview.
  • The results from psychological assessments are consistent
  • Maximise chances of selecting the most suitable applicant for a job position (predictive value).
  • Helps identify individual strengths, limitations and career potential.
  • Allows an objective comparison between individuals on important job related criteria.
  • Encourages an informed rather than superficial consideration of the person job match.
  • Assists managers to better understand how employees should be supervised to maximise individual productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Reduces absenteeism and turnover caused by the inappropriate placement of staff.
  • Minimises organisation costs associated with the screening of applicants and the development of staff.

Emotional Intelligence

As part of our assessment and advice process, we are able to provide one-on-one feedback and recommendations for job positions at the most senior managerial and executive level to junior and graduate roles.

At Career Express, we are also committed to ensuring that all personal information obtained is kept completely confidential.

All of the psychological assessments used have been validated and have statistical data to support their reliability.  With a majority software based or web enabled, these assessments can be completed at either your location, online to minimise time and increase efficiency or can be booked in our city office.

For further information visit our Emotional Intelligence area.

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