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Emotional Intelligence

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Is it fiction, fad or fact?

Much has been written regarding emotional intelligence over the last decade. Research has been undertaken with case studies to show the benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and a number of assessment tools have appeared in the marketplace. There are now numerous management books and personal development material available on the marketplace promoting the need for Emotional Intelligence in our organisations.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one's ability to develop and apply our emotional and social skills to effectively influence constructive endeavours in others. It is critical in the fact that it can influence all the crucial skills we require as leaders, employees, peers and managers.

Research from a number of sources including both university and global management consulting organisations has shown that those that have high EI tend to have more success in both their career and personal lives.

AND unlike IQ which remains fairly static over a lifetime EI ability can be developed in individuals and organisations.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

While there are a number of organisations promoting EI in the marketplace, the emphasis tends to be on the measurement of existing EI. At Career Express we not only have the tools to measure EI but can develop an appropriate program to develop EI within your organisation or as an individual.

Our structured approach is based on the need of the organisation or the individual.

Measurements of Emotional Intelligence

There are a number of assessments available on the marketplace to measure EI. Some are more valid than others. Some have been found not to be consistent with the underlying theories that they have been purported to measure. Therefore at Career Express we utilise both the EI ability assessment with an EI self rating assessment to get a clear picture.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Career Express offers a number of services to develop Emotional Intelligence within your organisation or as an individual:

  • Assessment tools to measure Emotional Intelligence
  • Tailored workshops to develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching programs for individuals (3 or 6 month programs available)
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