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Executive Coaching

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For organisations today it is imperative to get the best out of your leaders. Their success will help define the success of your organisation.

It is not news that the corporate environment is very different than it was ten years ago. Increased global competition, mergers, acquisitions, and buy-outs are driving the economy. Shareholders and stakeholders are expecting more and demanding more. In the midst of this chaos, managers are expected to get more results, from fewer people, in less time. This can represent a daunting challenge.

Smart leaders recognise that they need to grow and develop their people. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is the personal and "people skills" that are crucial ingredients to effective leadership.

Executive coaches can deliver tremendous results for leaders and managers committed to growing and retaining their people. Investing in executive coaching to position your organisation and your leaders is a powerful tool to attract the best people in your industry, by giving them the edge they need to stay on top and perform at consistently higher levels.

What is Executive Coaching?

A personal coaching service for executives and managers designed to fast track and enhance careers.

Executive Coaching helps people both personally and professionally by:

  • identifying what matters most in life/career/business
  • identifying specific goals for life/career/business
  • creating strategies to achieve goals
  • helping to make better decisions and deal with change
  • maintaining and attracting healthy balance in personal and professional life
  • creating healthy shifts that reduce stress

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

  • To fast track your career
  • To assist you to deliver extraordinary results to all your stakeholders
  • The chance to transform good performance into exceptional achievement
  • The chance to develop highly sophisticated and effective management and leadership skills
  • Guidance and direction from professionals who know how you can gain organisational success

Who is Executive Coaching for?

Individuals who want to:

  • Establish clear career goals that align with organisational business initiatives
  • Resolve personal and professional challenges
  • Improve communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Transition effectively through organisational or career change
  • Establish better organisational position for career growth
  • Achieve business goals that will impact the bottomline and attract the attention of executive management
  • Improve performance
  • Grow the business

Career Express Executive Coaching

We partner with individuals to identify the specific competencies, including emotional intelligence, required for success in their organisation, and define short and long-term business, management, and behavioural goals.

We understand the importance of linking those competencies and goals to the organisation's strategic business plans and the individual's own personal long-term career objectives.

We identify an appropriate approach to accomplish the specified desired outcomes. We complement this assessment and planning process with personalised coaching over a contracted period of time working closely with individuals to ensure they meet their intended outcomes.

We assist individuals in enhancing their own performance by working with them to customise their development plans and tailoring coaching methods to suit their goals.

For organization considering the implementation of a coaching program please note that Career Express considerers it essential to have a senior management executive within the organisation available to act as a sponsor to the coachee.

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