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Accessibility Information

Career Express has worked to ensure that the information we deliver on our website is as accessible as possible to all members of the community. To achieve this we have incorporated: a 'Skip to Content' feature, a text size adjustment feature, access key funtionality and proper use of alternate text for images.

Skip to Content Feature

We have included a Skip to Content link as the first link of every page of this website. It can be found at the top right of the webpage screen.

This link will take your browser immediately to the content area of the page you are viewing. This function is useful for members of the public who use screen readers to view web pages. This will allow you to avoid having to listen to the navigational elements of the page and go straight to the content you need to access.

Text Size Adjustment

We have included a function that allows our users to adjust the size of the text throught our website. To use this feature simply click the Change Text Size link at the top right of the web page. Clicking this link a number of times will cycle through the text sizes available for this website.

Access Keys

We have incorporated access keys to allow our users to navigate our website without the use of a mouse. Simply hold the ALT key (PC) or Control key (Macintosh) then press the number corresponding to the link you wish to follow.

Internet Explorer users may need to press the Enter key after using the access key to submit it.

Alt S - Skip to Content
Alt T - Change Text Size
Alt H - Homepage
Alt I - Emotional Intelligence
Alt E - Executive Coaching
Alt V - HR Services
Alt P - Psychological Assessments
Alt R - Search and Selection
Alt D - Training and Development
Alt C- Contact Us
Alt M - Sitemap

Please note: this function is not supported in all browsers.

Alternate Text For Images

We have included alternate text for all content images used throughout this website. This will give users of screen readers the ability to hear a description of all images used on this website. This is especially useful for images which include textual content. In addition users of some browsers may hold their mouse over an image to see this alternate description.


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